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Expanding the Horizons for Affordable, Effective Decarbonization

The Renewable Propane Alliance is a community of industry stakeholders committed to increasing the availability and use of this innovative alternative fuel — a proven green energy source that significantly reduces greenhouse-gas emissions.

Membership in the Renewable Propane Alliance enables you to:

  • Strengthen your focus on bringing renewable liquid gases to the marketplace
  • Support advocacy for the role of renewable propane and other renewable liquid gases in decarbonization policy
  • Receive regular updates on renewable propane news and industry initiatives
  • Gain direct access to the renewable propane supply chain

We believe that by 2035, renewable propane — along with conventional propane and other innovative blends — will be America’s most widely available, affordable, carbon-neutral energy solution. Join us in creating a dynamic marketplace for these fuels!

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Tom Jaenicke

Executive Director, Renewable Propane Alliance

Ben Gutkin

Chair, Renewable Propane Alliance

Nancy Coop

Trustee, Renewable Propane Alliance

We represent businesses, organizations and individuals who are dedicated to bringing clean renewable liquid gases to the marketplace

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Want to Join the Renewable Propane Alliance?

Resources for businesses, associations and individuals interested in access to renewable liquid gases. You might have noticed that we recently made some changes to this website. Those updates are a reflection of the expanding role that the Renewable Propane Alliance (rPA) is playing in growing the marketplace for renewable propane gas (rPG). By 2030, we believe […]

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Renewable Propane and the Carbon Cycle

Propane, rPG and other renewable liquid gases and fuels can decarbonize homes and businesses. As we consider an all-of-the-above strategy to deal with climate change, we must consider the total carbon impact that our energy choices have. To do so, it’s crucial to look at how we can most effectively reduce the amount of carbon dioxide […]

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Propane is Decarbonizing School Bus Fleets

Renewable propane autogas will provide affordable, effective greenhouse gas reduction. School is back in session, and propane is increasingly earning top grades for decarbonization. This month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its latest Clean School Bus Grants. The number and percentage of propane autogas bus projects receiving grants increased. This demonstrates how propane autogas […]

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