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Written on: April 19, 2024

Resources for businesses, associations and individuals interested in access to renewable liquid gases.

renewable propane united states You might have noticed that we recently made some changes to this website. Those updates are a reflection of the expanding role that the Renewable Propane Alliance (rPA) is playing in growing the marketplace for renewable propane gas (rPG). By 2030, we believe that renewable propane, along with conventional propane and other renewable liquid gases, can be America’s most widely available, affordable, carbon-neutral energy solution. Renewable Propane Alliance members are at the forefront of this market.

This site has grown from an educational resource about renewable propane into a place for industry stakeholders to connect with and join the rPA. We invite you to learn more about our Alliance and how you can benefit from joining it.

What is the Renewable Propane Alliance?

As the production of renewable propane and other renewable liquid gases continues to expand, more individuals, businesses, non-profit associations and other entities in the energy sector want access to its supply chain and information about where this green fuel is headed. That’s where the rPA comes in.

The Renewable Propane Alliance is a registered 501(c)(6) membership organization dedicated to creating a dynamic marketplace for off-grid renewable liquid gases and seeking to encourage all levels of supply chain participation.

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What does the rPA do to support the growth of renewable propane?

Our Alliance’s mission includes the following roles:

Who is part of the rPA?

Our coalition includes individuals and business entities at virtually every level of the propane, renewable propane and renewable off-grid gas supply chain. We welcome the following membership types to the rPA:

How can you join the Renewable Propane Alliance?

In redesigning this website, we’ve made it easier than ever to join the rPA and enjoy the benefits of being part of the dynamic, continually expanding marketplace of renewable off-grid gases. There are multiple levels of membership for businesses, individuals and colleague non-profit organizations. Even if you aren’t based in the United States or have retired from a role in the propane industry, we may have a membership option that works for you.

Joining the the rPA is simple. Just visit our Become a Member page and fill out the form there. We will be in touch with you right away to process your application. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.