Renewable Propane for a Zero-Carbon Tomorrow

An affordable and effective tool for decarbonizing homes and businesses.

While governmental, commercial, and residential projects are completely different entities, they all operate on parallel paths: They’re moving toward achieving the goal of having net-zero carbon emissions from their energy sources.

To lower our country’s emissions and address the real challenges of climate change, we need effective and tested green energy sources. Renewable propane is such an energy source.

A Meaningful Approach to Addressing Climate Change

Renewable propane is chemically identical to conventional propane, but it is produced from organic and recycled feedstocks, much like biodiesel. Renewable propane’s typical carbon intensity (CI) is roughly one-quarter that of conventional propane’s already low CI. Its CI is only 16% that of America’s average grid electricity.

In short, renewable propane provides a way for homes and businesses that use propane to dramatically lower their carbon impact without converting their equipment. In addition to the economic benefits we’ll see as renewable propane production expands, a more comprehensive integration of this vital fuel into our everyday lives will serve as a clear-cut part of the solution to climate change.

Renewable Propane — A Green Fuel for Super-Efficient Products

Renewable propane, like conventional propane, is a safe, clean and green fuel containing zero methane (a potent greenhouse gas) and virtually no particulate matter, a known carcinogen.

Renewable propane and conventional propane fuel some of the most energy-efficient equipment Americans use, including:

  • Home furnaces and boilers
  • Traditional and tankless water heaters
  • Propane autogas vehicles
  • Clothes dryers
  • Propane forklifts

One Piece of the Puzzle

Climate change is a challenge and a threat to our everyday lives that must be addressed with the way we view—and use—energy. The solution will not be any single type of renewable energy but rather a multitude of energy solutions, renewable propane included.

Here’s why: Clean energy is becoming increasingly important everywhere. As supply challenges with other renewable energies reveal themselves, it is critical for renewable propane to be part of the conversation for the future.

Are you a propane industry stakeholder interested in joining a coalition working to expand the marketplace for off-grid renewable liquid gases? Join the Renewable Propane Alliance today.