What Is the Renewable Propane Alliance?

Our coalition is united to expand the marketplace for renewable liquid gases

The propane industry — like the whole energy sector — is working diligently to make our product cleaner, more eco-friendly and more sustainable. Renewable propane gas (rPG ) represents a viable path to provide households, businesses, municipalities and vehicle fleets with the same clean, robust energy and efficiency benefits as conventional propane, with a considerably lower carbon intensity.

Every year, production of this revolutionary alternative energy source grows. By 2035, we believe that rPG, combined with conventional propane and other renewable liquid gases, will be America’s most widely available, affordable, carbon-neutral energy solution.

As our industry faces challenges from electrification, the Renewable Propane Alliance (r PA) is committed to fostering a dynamic marketplace for rPG and other renewable liquid gases. Our coalition of propane producers, wholesalers, transporters, marketers, retailers and other stakeholders works to expand the availability, awareness and usage of these vital fuels.

Expand your access to low-carbon renewable propane.

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We want you to join our Alliance to contribute to and benefit from our collective mission. The Renewable Propane Alliance is:

A platform for the use of renewable liquid gases

Renewable Propane Alliance members can draw from the knowledge base and resources of an organization that is entirely focused on expanding the use of low-carbon liquid gases. We work to develop and strengthen the production, supply chain and marketplace for off-grid renewable liquid gases in your market region and throughout the country.

A powerful advocacy network

We know that renewable propane is an exceptional tool for lowering carbon emissions and responding to the negative effects of climate change. It promises decarbonization without the disruption and cost of wholesale electrification. Yet policymakers, homeowners and the broader community need to see the benefit of continued research, production and distribution of rPG and other innovative blends. Our Alliance develops unified messaging for delivery to decision-makers throughout the emerging rPG marketing network, as well as to advocacy targets at local, state and federal levels.

A hub for renewable propane news

The development and production of rPG and other green products are moving at a breakneck pace. As an Alliance member, you can share and explore knowledge, insights and evolving trends and developments in the renewable propane industry.

An access point for the renewable propane supply chain

Expanding access to rPG is central to our mission. By connecting and coordinating with a network of propane industry leaders in the Alliance, you can gain access to this growing supply chain. We will encourage and assist you in creating a vibrant rPG marketplace that may include:

  • Market pricing hubs for rPG
  • Online auction platforms
  • Book and claim accounting with paper credits
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) trading
  • More conventional ways to purchase and receive rPG

Join the Alliance today!

Are you interested in becoming a part of this dynamic community and expanding your knowledge of and access to renewable liquid gases? The Renewable Propane Alliance offers several types of membership . There is one that matches your role in the industry. Our membership includes:

  • Renewable fuel producers
  • Feedstock and blend providers
  • Propane transporters and wholesalers
  • Liquid gas retailers
  • Equipment manufacturers and distributors
  • Service providers
  • Affiliated industry organizations
  • Individuals

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