Types of rPA Membership

Our organization represents a wide range of liquid gas providers

The Renewable Propane Alliance brings together industry stakeholders at every point in the liquid gas distribution process. If you produce, transport or sell liquid fuel — or if you manufacture equipment that uses it — we want you to be a part of our growing coalition.

What unites our different members is a commitment to developing a dynamic marketplace for renewable propane gas (rPG) and other renewable liquid gas products. There are many benefits of joining the Alliance, including:

  • Strengthening your focus on renewable liquid gases
  • Connecting to an active renewable propane advocacy network
  • Receiving regular propane news updates
  • Gaining direct access to the renewable propane supply chain

Expand your access to low-carbon renewable propane.

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Here are the types of membership we offer in the Renewable Propane Alliance.

Renewable propane producers

Our Alliance includes businesses engaged in the production and distribution of renewable propane and other renewable liquid gases. Carbon reduction is an international effort, and we welcome rPG producers from within the United States and from the global marketplace.

Feedstock and blend providers

The objective of lowering propane’s carbon intensity without sacrificing efficiency or performance depends on the research and cultivation of new, eco-friendly feedstocks. It also depends on optimizing blends of renewable liquid gases. The rPA membership includes feedstock and blend producers in the United States and abroad.

Transporters and wholesalers

Fuel transporters and wholesalers are integral parts of the rPG supply chain. If your business transports liquid gases or supplies retailers with propane, we invite you to be a part of the rPA.

Liquid gas retailers

More and more fuel retailers across the United States are recognizing the value of incorporating rPG and other renewable gases into their products. The Alliance welcomes liquid gas retailers of all sizes.

Equipment manufacturer or distributors

Renewable propane and other innovative blends function as “drop-in” fuels that can be used in propane systems without modification. If your business is engaged in the manufacturing, production or distribution of mechanical equipment that uses conventional or renewable propane gas, you can join the rPA.

Service providers

Do you provide marketing, accounting or other support to propane suppliers? Our Alliance has a membership level for propane service providers like you.


We also offer individual memberships for people employed by a propane marketer, producer or manufacturer. Even if you are retired, you can join as an individual member.

Colleague non-profit organizations

The Renewable Propane Alliance membership includes several affiliated organizations. These entities are committed to advocating for the propane industry and promoting the decarbonization of our product through renewable propane and other renewable liquid gases.

You can see the current membership of the Renewable Propane Alliance here .

Are you ready to join a network of industry leaders working to expand the marketplace for off-grid renewable liquid gases? Join the Renewable Propane Alliance today.